Faith Garden


You’re probably here because either myself or someone else gifted you with a plant from our faith garden.

A plant from a faith garden represents a gift of wishing good health, prosperity, longevity, and life! Each plant is unique because each one was given love and prayers specifically for you.

You’re invited to listen to my podcast as I journey through understanding the meaning and our connections to biblical gardens.

The Faith Garden Podcast

One day, on a Sunday morning, while listening to Sunday service  and gardening, God said to give my plants away. I started thinking about The Garden of Eden and became curious. I began researching biblical gardens. So interesting, I decided to record my time researching and following biblical gardens through a podcast. Super informal, but learning and having lots of fun. Join me through this podcast as we reveal God’s truth.

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The Brown Card – Scriptures/Verses

All of our brown cards will have a scripture pertaining to a garden from the bible and on the back it will also invite you to look up a verse Revelations 22. Let me know what you think!

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Resources/links studied

Revelations 22 

Deuteronomy 8:7-8