My name is Linda Sayseng and I am a content creator.

I currently hold a B.A in Communications and Media Production. My skills range from video production, directing, producing, offline and vfx editing, and photography. My experience includes corporate marketing, tv broadcast, radio and podcast, and management.

“The dynamic evolvement of media has impacted and influenced our societies, institutions, governments, and our businesses. It is necessary for any business to continuously cultivate trends in technology and media. In which, content must become strategic.”

What separates me from my colleagues is my management, technical, and academic experience. I am able to adapt and bring versatility to any form of digital content in order to engage with your target market, customers, and potential clients.

My management skills offer reliability and acknowledgement of the difference in people and communities.

My technical skills offer options to your business in digital marketing such as graphic design, promotional videos, photography, and even social media metrics.

My academic skills offer assurance of continued search for innovation in every time, season, and shift of direction.

With over 10 years of field experience, I have also acquired characteristics of punctuality, integrity, and flexibility.

Hire me as your content creator. saysengmedia@gmail.com or 470-440-1141


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