As Sayseng Media, I like to describe my photography techniques as unique, broad, and truly dynamic. I have experience in journalism, marketing, and expressive photography. I enjoy revealing a story through a photo. Here are a few stories to share.

PORTRAITS – people, family, individuals

CLAYTON STATE UNIVERSITY – for the Office of Marketing and Communications at CSU, I assist with photography and videos that are used for any marketing purpose for the institution. Photos here are focused on marketable pieces that show the brand, the overall event, and the people in its’ community.

SPORTS – Some of my favorite captures are action stills. I have worked for numerous companies including Score Sports. I have experience in action photography, team pictures, senior sports head shots, and athlete profiles.

EVENTS– Public speaking, panel sessions, group activities. Events are great times to show what you and your organization is producing and bringing to the community. Whether, you are a business coach, novelist, professional, or a member of an organization, enjoy the moment and let me take the photos to remember. A photo should describe what the event is all about and what kind of atmosphere the event is inviting.

ARCHITECTURE, LANDSCAPE, TEXTURE, OTHER– buildings, gardens, real estate, sculptures, street art

BEHIND THE SCENES (BTS)– Electronic press kit, social media. One of the important pieces to marketing is showing the process and how hard your crew, staff, and organization work. We all want to share the amazing work that goes behind every product and business but it can be hard when you actually have a project to run. Let me focus on capturing the moment behind the scenes while you focus on the work at hand.