Understanding every part of your life is essential to your well-being and growth. Throughout our adolescent lives, we were told life wasn’t fair. Truly, none of us realize it until our late 20’s. Then, we just fall in a pit of despair, agonizing and darkening our art.

Societies’ view on success and beauty block us from accepting what is actual. Stop and accept the moment, admit truth and move on.

Here are some things you can admit and move on from…

1.It’s okay to not know your future career plans after college.  

Attempt to create a career plan, even if it doesn’t make sense. When you get your urges, usually after you finish an awesome project and feel inspired, tweak your career plan. Hopefully, you start finding what your dreams are made of.

2.  Your life is not meant to be like their life;

Look at someone’s social page only in support, never out of hate. No one is keeping up with anyone. In actuality, we are all just running and chasing in the same circle.

3. You have changed.

 (enough said) I know you know what this means and what you should do about it.

4. You want to get married.

We are stuck in a culture where love is a sign of weakness and money is the sign of success. Playing the dating game only goes so far but late at night loneliness is  never a friend. Admit it! And you’ll find true love.

5. You made mistakes.

Never dwell on the past. Although the past can cause an impact on the future,that impact relies on your action. Everyone has regrets but if you can’t make amends, forgive yourself and leave it as a regret and move on with your life. Karma works with balance, it doesn’t choose sides.