Welcome CSU Lakers! This year will be a great one. While some are preparing for their student ids, some are preparing for the semester mentally…it could all be frustrating. The following is a few helpful tips to start your semester off smoothly:

  • Book money is available in your Laker card account from January 5 – 20, 2015 (here’s the tip), go early morning. Most students go mid-day/evening and towards the end of the week which causes long lines. Also, if you can do without a purse or bag, that also saves waiting in line because you will have to stop and drop your bag off before entering the bookstore.

  • Parking is rough, give yourself 10 to 15 minutes for parking before class time.

  • Wear comfortable shoes, this is huge campus and most likely you’ll have classes in different buildings.

  • You don’t have to buy a whole lot of school supplies, at least wait until the first week of class, your professor will guide you and let know what you really need. As a student, money is tight, you might not have to use those 5 spiral notebooks you bought. Most professors allow you to take notes on a laptop.

  • Don’t act shy or stuck up. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend but in each class, find someone you can exchange numbers with. This benefits you, in case you miss a day and need someone to put you back to speed in the course.

  • Prepare your body. If this is not your first semester, than you are most likely dreading the return from the holiday break. The week prior to your return, get out the house and just do things, take a walk, go bowling with friends, anything; you are cultivating alertness for your body so that first week you’re not so sleepy in class.

  • Stay tuned for more tips on surviving college