Change is always present and is part of life.  Change can be scary in any given situation especially when you make the change to better yourself physically and professionally. Maybe you want to go back to college and start a new career. Maybe you decided those burgers are no longer meant for you and became a vegetarian. However, understanding change will clarify your goals and keep you moving on the right track. Here are a few common misunderstandings you tell yourself and how to grasp it:


1. “I fear failure and success”

You fear both, failure and success? Doesn’t make sense. No, the truth is you’re just scared of change. That’s what you really fear. It’s ok to admit it. It is only natural but not indefinite. Take a step, walk into the unknown and know that fear of change is a thought. That thought plays a small part to the great life you could lead.

2. “What if it doesn’t work?”

Great question! To bad for you, you can’t find the answer unless you make a change. So, what if it doesn’t? Will you fall into a pit of despair? Will you burn in eternal hell? Let’s think about this. What if it doesn’t work? Is it the end? I doubt it. In fact, you will most likely gain a little more wisdom from your adventure. Walter Mitty anybody?

cloud question mark3. “I have 1 more year left at this job, then I can pursue my goals.”

Excuses, excuses, excuses. The longer you wait, the more likely you won’t change for the better. If we depend on outside reactions to effect our own actions we let “the man” hold all the cards. And you my friend, should be the only one holding the cards to your life.  If you were to leave tomorrow, the job or person, they won’t wait to fill your position to meet their goals. Why should you?






healthy mind


4. “I’m just big boned and it runs in the family.”

Ok, I know there are things called chemicals, genes, traits, etc. Here’s my perspective, if you think you will never change physically, there’s nothing wrong with changing mentally and habitually. Physicality does not only define health. Making healthy decisions and exercise is essential to health factors. Assuming that if you make these healthy decisions will not change you physically and find it pointless, maybe you need to readjust your point. Instead, look at the possible changes internally. Honestly, that is what truly defines health and a long life. And hey! you never know, maybe that physical change you didn’t think would come, had a changing point as well!

Sometimes even the most educated mind can find themselves rationalizing something that’s far from true. I know there are more excuses out there we make to justify our daily 9-5 boring life…..what excuses do you make?