Yesterday morning on The Bert Show, a radio show stationed in Atlanta, GA, the host Bert expressed how his wife cannot stop smoking cigarettes and it’s a huge family issue. She wants to stop but it seems addiction has won more battles.

Addiction carries a strong definition. Addiction is broad because we can be addicted to so many things so easily; drinking, sex, pain, cigarettes, food, attention and the list goes on. The biggest understanding of addiction is that it provides an escape goat for the addicted. However, the greatest thing about human life is that we have the power to change most of its courses. If you want to help someone gain back control over their life, meditation would be a great counter escape goat.

I am not a specialist; I can only speak from my personal experience. In truth meditation is an individual practice, however, if its something you’re not accustom to, it is great to have someone to practice with you (at least in the beginning).

When you ask the love one in your life, “If I meditate, will you do it too?”, here’s a few points that could be mentioned…

1. Meditation has no time frame. It could be 1 hour or 1 minute. It’s up to you. So there’s a way you both can compromise on a timeslot and duration.

2. Meditation is no longer just a religious practice. It is a mind cultivation method. If we think of it in terms of mind over matter, it’ll work.

3. There are plenty of different meditation methods. You will have to find the one that works for the both you. You are not restricted to one way.

I’m not going to explain all the benefits and name the types of meditation. I’ll leave that research up to you.

This is how I practice and it’s a little non-traditional but it definitely works for me and I hope it will for you both…

1. In the beginning, you will be full of thoughts, that is common. Try to imagine those thoughts as clouds passing by in your mind. Now imagine gently pushing them to the side as if sliding a photo gallery and removing it from your path.

2. Another  practice, is focusing on breathing. This is a great way to place yourself in the “now” moment. By imagining every breathe you take flowing through your body, you find what’s important, Life! You are alive! All your worries become obsolete.

3. Majority of life’s problems are our reactions to emotions. Emotions are like a ball bouncing up and down. One moment you are happy and next you are angry, one moment you are ambitious and next you are depressed.  In meditation, imagine that ball bouncing up and down, now put all your focus on placing that ball in the middle. When you place the ball in the middle, you are balanced, harmonious, unbiased and free.

When practicing meditation to relieve addiction, know that it takes time. As much time as you put into creating that addiction, you will need time for your mind to gain back control, hence mind cultivation.

Everyone has lost control at least once but what I see truly important is the support along the way. Sometimes we just have to revise how we support each other.


(This topic was inspired by The Bert Show. There is no affiliation between the show and the author.)

P.S. If this seemed somehow inspirational to you, I apologize for the misconception.