If you haven’t heard, recently a video has leaked of NFL player, Ray Rice beating his then fiance, now wife, and dragging her body on the floor. He has lost his job and indefinitely banned from the league. Here’s what has me perplexed and basically pissed as a mass communications & media student; Of course, I intern for the radio show, The Bert Show, however, yesterday I was listening to the Rickey Smiley morning show briefly, and this is the second time I was disappointed with how they went about relaying messages.

The radio station 107.9 FM Rickey Smiley morning show held the topic, “Should Rice be banned indefinitely?”, not is domestic violence okay, not what should we do make sure our children don’t contribute to domestic violence, nothing of real value to society, but should he be banned. I am amazed at how media contributes the wrong views and influences how most society accepts ideas of what to talk about. Is this really something we should be talking about; sitting down at our lunch dates and include the topic of not domestic violence but is the consequence too harsh. Ridiculous. Now before I go deeper into what I heard; I have to commend The Bert Show not because I am an intern for them but the topics that they bring up are more meaningful, realistic and appropriate.

Now, what I heard from The Rickey Smiley morning show was the callers who contributed to the topic. Keep in mind, my everyday awesome mutual human beings, radio shows strategically pick the callers to be aired. I repeat, radio shows strategically pick the callers to be aired. I heard at least 3 men called in saying that Rice shouldn’t be banned and one even made a comment, “Did they ban Chris Brown from making music?” Another caller was a woman who felt that women shouldn’t provoke men and she is in the wrong just as much. Unbelievable! Are we actually listening to this?! People, even I for a moment was thinking, well yeah maybe they are right, that’s harsh, yea they didn’t ban Chris Brown, and sure women get crazy as much as the guys. But then I had to step out of the ideological constructed world that I was placed in and open my eyes. Hell no! Beating someone, physical violence, dragging a women’s body, disrespect, accepting  dis-functional relationships are not okay. Why would we in any way even consider?! MEDIA! Thanks media, thank you radio stations, thank you so much for corrupting the minds with this mental projection that I find disrespectful to my intelligence.